Make Consistent Forex Trading Profits – 4 Tips To Make Regular Forex Trading Profits

  1. Don't even believe for a moment that you can just hop on the market and pop out with a few pips to your name. The market can be pretty cheeky towards suspicious 'players'. I call these traders players "because they just do it – playing with their finances is absolutely ignorant of how the market works.
  2. Some brokers refer to Forex trading as "betting". Honestly, I don’t trust brokers like that. For people who really & # 39; trade & # 39; that would be a lot of fun. Betting is for gamblers who are just trying their luck. Traders know where the product they are trading is going and buy it only to later sell it for profit.
  3. Economic laws also apply to assist a professional "trader" with many tools available to help determine the demand and supply of traded products, in this case currency pairs.
  4. Making profit by trading forex takes time. Honestly, it took me 6 years. It is still not possible for me to know exactly where to enter or where to leave the store to make a profit. However, I know when to reduce my losses in time. Read on to find out how:

Forex Trading Rules That Worked For Me – Manual Trading, Technical Ticket, Daily Average Minimum Score, Using Dual Monitors and Revenue from Commissions

Over the years I have developed a strategy, a completely manual trading strategy, so it is not tested on the & # 39; strategy test & # 39; – maybe because of my lack of script knowledge – but I doubt it can be automated.

My strategy involves technical planning, news and personal, human observation. My strategy takes 10 to 400 points on a fractional pip platform using the MT4 platform. This includes sitting in front of the monitor for hours (6 to 10 hours) every day and then some.

Despite the possibility of concluding as many as 20 consecutive winning stores (and a minimum of 7 winning contracts), it is not possible to enter the market multiple times a day. Sometimes I only make 2 stores a day and sometimes none. But I never managed to put off more than 5 orders in one day.

I earn an average of 25 points a day, leading to 500 points a month. On a fractional pip platform, trading 16 lots ($ 10,000 per lot) I earn $ 800 a month! Not bad for a $ 500 bill that trades with a 1: 400 leverage!

It can be a pain to sit for hours looking at the screen and wait for the setup. But then I double as a writer as well. One monitor is dedicated to my Forex trade and the other to my writing.

I run Forex accounts for 6 friends who pay me commission from earnings, so I guess PIPs really add up. Not bad for a "side job!"

Current CyberWar status in the world

Drama. Drama is the cornerstone of reporting. We need to take a good look around that particular stone to capture the real impression of the virtual. We need to look around and understand what CyberWar is or how it is defined.

When it comes to cybernate, hyperbole and metaphor are the rule, not the exception. Cyberthis, cyberhat – you may have noticed that the virtual world is populated by nouns and verbs taken from the material world, and that cyberthings in news stories have dramatic images of physical things, not the electrons that make up the cyberworld. Images of coins populate stories of purely virtual cryptocurrency, such as BitCoin. An exception to this rule may be the journals of Physics, where readers are actually interested in electrons and mathematics since cyberrealm.

But when we read cyberwart stories, we see images of soldiers, firearms, and materials accompanying the story. When we read people sitting at desks and computers to figure out how to hack rather than be hacked, we call them CyberWarriors and the pictures of men in jackets and helmets that accompany those stories. I wonder what the images of tanks and bombers will follow with CyberItem.

Aside from the dramatic illustrations and photos, what is CyberWar? In 2010, Richard Clarke, a former special adviser to the President on cyber security, defined cyber warfare as "actions by a nation-state to break into computers or networks of another nation for the purpose of causing harm or disruption." The fact that the nation-state has to identify itself as a delinquent is highlighted. If this is true, we have obviously already been involved in long-standing cyberwars, with attacks from and to / from China, Russia, the US, Israel, Georgia, Ukraine, Korea, Syria, Iran, Estonia and others. And although states always deny it, there were clear indicators, which is proof that these countries have set their digital attackers on each other's networks, computers and data. Damage to these networks, computers, and data has occurred.

So, surely there were attacks on states and on states. But is it CyberWar? Dr. Thomas Reid, a professor of security studies at King's College, says there is no Cyberwar. It tends to define cyberwarts in terms of physical infrastructure catastrophes – scenarios where water stops "flowing, lights go off, trains go off, banks lose financial records, roads descend into chaos, elevators collapse and planes fall from the sky." And he says that's not going to happen. In fact, he has a 2013 book called, "The Cyber ​​War Won't Take place."

Others are not so sanguine about the subject and the possibilities. In the United States, amid a fall in government spending in most places, the budget for cyber command is growing. It has almost doubled in one year: $ 118 million in 2012, $ 212 million in 2013 and $ 447 million in 2014. It buys a lot of electrons, a lot of code and a lot of cyberwarriors (sans flak jackets). . These increases lead to similar, though not dramatic, cyber budget inflation in other countries.

With all the cybertools on hand and the ones being created, will anyone be tempted to use them? Is CyberWar inevitable or is there a way out? This is an issue that is taken seriously by ethicists. Great thinkers like Patrick Lin, Fritz Alhoff, and Neil C. Rowe have written several articles, such as "Is It Right to Have a Just Cyber ​​War?" and War 2.0: Cyberweapons and Ethics to explore alternatives. There are (conventional) war laws and there must be similar guidelines for cyber-conflict. It is not too early yesterday for us to begin to take these issues seriously.

When we try to answer the phrase that is the title of this article, it must be read across the map, because a definition of cyberwars like this article is a whole map. This is actually literally all over the world. The definition of cyber war varies from country to country and from organization to organization. Entitled (Flying full of metaphors), The Wild West of Cyber ​​Warfare is trying to seriously flag such diverse ideas on the subject, regardless of their title. His discussion is useful, but its conclusion is necessarily amorphous.

The 302-page Tallinn Handbook is the result of three years of research by experts on the subject trying to set such definitions. It can be read for free. However, not all of the potential parties to cyber conflict adhere to the conclusions reached here.

So what is the best answer we can give to the state of CyberWar in the world? Cyber ​​attacks are full worldwide. They are conducted by multiple state actors and stateless ones. They are transmitted by state actors who shift blame to other states and stateless actors over whom they claim to have no control or contribution, but who are nevertheless politically aligned. They are conducted by hacktivists, who seek political change by disabling or defrauding websites, networks and information. They are conveyed by those with a net profit motive. And they are pursued by no-er-do-wells who just find joy in minor injuries.

All such attacks are increasing, although the vast majority remain relatively unconfirmed acts such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). However, there is little evidence that physical infrastructure is much affected. There is little evidence that these physical injuries are such attacks. It is unknown whether such events will actually happen.

Dr. Reed says they won. Drs Lin, Alhoff and Rowe point to ways to avoid such damage. Richard Clarke and former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta say this is inevitable and we need to prepare ourselves – to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Albert Einstein famously said, "You cannot prevent and prepare for war at the same time." Let's hope it was incorrect in the case of cyber war.

Forex Robot Trader Review – Automatic Forex Trading System

All Forex traders want to make money fast. So everyone asks the same question. Which forex trader makes high profits?

It was amazing to see how software robotic systems can give traders a break from trading. Robot traders have changed the way they do Forex trading. "How to find the most profitable robot" is a common search term.

Is it FAP Turbo or Forex Autopilot? These two are full of Forex news all the time. The popular duo find themselves aides to many retailers. They make a lot of money for their owners. But professional traders use multiple robots at once. They trade to make the most profit using several robots at once. Although choosing FAP Turbo or Forex Autopilot will get you the profit you want, you might even consider using both.

In fact, consider choosing any pair or trio of robots that will work for you. Each robot trades differently than the others. You really should plan to interview each robot as if you were planning to hire him to work in your office. And every new robot you hire should fit into your overall concept of how you want your team to work together.

Think about trading yourself and buy robots that trade the way you want. If you find the right mix of assistants, you can make more money than you expected. You don't need to stick to just the popular FAP Turbo or Forex autopilot. There are many other top-notch money-making robots on the market that are not as well known.

Consider visiting Forex trading sites that compare the different types of robots that are available. Then put together a team that you think will work best with you as a leader. This is the way to choose the Forex Robot trader that will be your first and then the next robots. That way you can make the most profit possible.

Why Use a Forex Robot?

When it comes to the foreign exchange market, Forex, it is important for you to understand that today's trading and even long distance trading depend on many different things. If you don't have time to keep up with these things, then maybe a Forex robot is a trading method that gives you the best chance of success.

When you decide to start investing in the Forex market it is important to understand that there are many different things that cause certain currencies to rise and fall. In other words, five hourly news, noon news, country economics, gross national product, as well as what trade laws some countries may have, import and export agreements, and just about everything else. that you think may affect the currency of a particular country.

To be able to trade effectively in the Forex market, you need to understand how it all comes together for pairs to rise and fall. If you don't have time to go ahead, you probably shouldn't trade.

Now as before, when investing in a particular trading company, you can invest in a specific piece of software that trades for you. They are often referred to as Forex bots, FX robots, automated Forex robots, Forex meta-pullers, and many different names.

They are basically a piece of software that indexes the foreign exchange market and looks for specific mathematical algorithms. When certain situations are identified, the robot dealer trades.

As with everything else, research will be your best friend when it comes to choosing an automated Forex robot. Read about consistency, profit margins and, of course, fine print. Make sure that the company you are investing in is solid and has sufficient capital to comply with local laws.

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Thrifty travel tips in San Francisco

San Francisco is my favorite city on the West Coast. This is also one of the most expensive hotels, especially for hotels. For the thrifty traveler, many attractions are free.

Note: When I first went to San Francisco [driving from Los Angeles], I was very surprised by the temperature drop. Check the weather before arrival.

Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39 and Girardelli Square cover about 6 blocks along the waterfront. This tourist attraction offers great views of the famous Alcatraz Island, souvenir shops, seafood vendors and street performers. Some local “residents” include donkeys and sea lions. A souvenir brought back to the mother who loves chocolate? Girardelli chocolate. This is the beginning of everything.

Cable car

At Ghirardelli Square, take a few photos at the turn of the cable car [at the end of one of the lines]. The cable car is a living monument in San Francisco and a good rest time for tired people.

Note: There is no pick-up service from the cable car. A new ticket is required for each ride.


San Francisco’s Chinatown is second only to New York City in the United States. This is a great place to get cheap food and cheap meals.

Lombard Street

Lombard is known as the most curved street and is another piece of photography that tourists like. Walking is free.

Golden Gate Bridge

Another famous picturesque walk is through the Golden Gate Bridge. On a clear day, the scenery is beautiful [and all the Chinese dishes you can eat are great]. The suspension bridge is less than 9,000 feet long, so plan your round trip.

Cable car museum

Do you like the cable car? Then visit the cable car museum on Mason Street. Tickets are free and the museum deck overlooks the huge engine and the reel that pulls the cable. Old-fashioned cable cars can take beautiful photos.

San Francisco is a city of different cultures, bordering the sea and a perfect blend of historic and modern attractions. Many of them are free.

Forex open position

So now you have pulled the trigger and opened the position, and you are now in the Forex market. It's time to step back and let the market do its thing, right? No chance. The forex market is not a stake that you can place a bet on and watch the dice fall, and simply get the results.

It is a powerful, fast-moving arena in which new facts and price developments create new prospects and change previous expectations.

We hope that you will accept our recommendations that you always trade the plan – determine precisely where to enter and where to exit each individual trade, and on the principle of stopping loss and profit. Bottom line: You improve your overall chances of success in the trade (and minimize the associated risks) by systematically planning each trade before you are preoccupied with the emotions and mortgage of the market.

Depending on the trading style you follow (short to medium or long term) and overall market conditions restricted or trending, you will have more or less work to do when managing an open position. If you follow a medium to long-term strategy, with generally broader loss rates and profit margins, you might prefer to embark on a set-and-forget trading plan that you have developed. But a lot can happen at a time when you open a store and at prices that affect one of your trading levels, so staying on top of the market is always a good idea, even for long-term stores.

No matter what trading style you may follow, it will always be worthwhile to keep up with market news and price movements while your trade is open. Unexpected news could affect your position at any time. News is news; and you could not plan it for your trading plan, but any news may require you to change your trading plan at any time.

When we talk about changes to the trading plan, we are only referring to reducing the overall risk of trading, taking profits (complete or partial) or moving a stop loss in the direction of trading. The idea is to be fluid and dynamic in only one direction: taking profits and reducing risk. Keeping the original stop point at the point where you decided it needed to go before you entered the store.

What timeframe should you choose for the store and which one is the most profitable?

Most Forex traders have no idea how and why Forex prices move and make key mistakes in the way they trade. In this article, we will look at three popular timeframes and see what is the best timeframe for trading in your trading strategy.

In Forex markets, all the basics of supply and demand news will be displayed in price action, and so will the views of all traders, so we will break the stock price into three time frames.

Long-term trends

Big trends in currencies that last from a few weeks to many months and reflect the economic and political health of the country. These big fundamentals are slowly changing from expansion to contraction, which is why these trends take so long.

Medium term trends

While large fundamentals are prevalent in the long run, in the short run traders' emotions can jump prices up or down, and this can be seen in medium trends, within a large trend that may be either with or against the main trend. Usually, these trends will last from a few days to about a week.

Short term trend

It's an action within a day and really not a trend its simply a random price. In the day, prices can go anywhere, and they work.

What is the best timeframe for trading?

From the above it is clear that trading long term trends can get you the most profit with the least amount of business. All you have to do is get into the trend and keep it going – but the long-term trend that follows just really suits a marketer who is patient and disciplined.

Trading in medium-term trends can be very profitable and requires less patience and discipline than trading in long-term trends. You can make money in time frames too and the one you choose will simply suit your personality.

I have not mentioned trading day yet and it is the most popular timeframe for trading but it does not give you a realistic chance of success. There is a big industry that sells garbage-free robots and other, so-called low-risk trading and scalping strategies, but they don't make money and day-traders lose.

If you want to win Forex trading, make no mistake what most do and trade in the short term – trade long term and you will have chances on your side and you will be able to make a great second income.

5 ways Blockchain will transform the life of the common man

With all of the media set up for cryptocurrency pricing news, you may wonder how it affects the common man. At the heart of cryptocurrency and other digital currencies is Blockchain technology.

There are various industrial and administrative problems that technology can solve for the common man. Do you own a small business but often find it lacking in transparency because of traditional communication methods? Have you ever ended up with a higher than usual health bill? As a business owner, do you find legitimate candidates a hassle for you? These problems affect entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, individuals, and Blockchain technology seeks to offer solutions to simplify the simple life.


Banking in almost all countries is still focused on paper-intensive transactions for any money transfer, records or other back-end functions. Blockchain technology can copy this in digital format and create a decentralized ledger that allows not only bankers but also clients to access a unique source of information. This system allows banks to eliminate the chances of fraud, as bankers in the Blockchain ledger can digitally verify documentation and proof of ownership of assets, which can be accessed at any time in a consistent format.

Identity theft is also a major problem in the banking sector as citizen information is stolen and used to open fraudulent accounts for illegal activities. According to the Federal Trade Commission's complaints database, there were over 13 million complaints of card fraud and identity theft, and in 2016 alone, 3 million of these complaints were filed. Through the blockchain system, users can directly view all accounts owned by them under their name and immediately notify their banks in case they spot suspicious activity in their banking information. Some notable examples include a project supported by Hyperledger Fabric by IBM and Uins Settlement Coin by UBS.


Blockchain technology can simplify healthcare in incredible ways and make medical information management much easier. The fact that patient records are widely available may allow research into drug development research to reduce the effects of counterfeit medicines. Clinical trials and their outcomes can be made available through a decentralized network, allowing health professionals and researchers to conduct research and find solutions to better health care. Accenture is one of the largest companies to start offering innovative healthcare solutions for the medical care sector for secure transactions and fraud.

Medicare fraud can also be brought down through blockchain billing because the billing system can be fully automated without any volume of intermediaries performing fraudulent activities. With over 56 million Medicare people as of 2017, over $ 1.3 billion has been allocated from the government by fraudulent activities of rehab facilities and home health services. Blockchain systems can effectively protect citizens seeking medical attention from healthcare providers who overpay for services offered through fraudulent billing practices. Centralized data not only helps medical professionals offer treatment based on the history of the patient and his or her family, but also eliminates the patient's chances of misreading past symptoms or disorders.

Public records

One of the most important functions of the civil administration of the government is to record all information about its citizens. This includes information about individuals and businesses with respect to their assets and activities. Most of the information recorded is recorded in paper databases, making it difficult to manage data even in developed countries.

Blockchain systems like Ubitiquity can encode all public records in a digital ledger to prevent citizen data from being tampered with for fraudulent activity. Identity theft is a problem that the administration can have a very difficult time coping with and digitizing all public information to make it protected from tampering can prevent such instances of criminal activity.


One of the biggest limitations of the voting system in almost every country is that even today, voters have to be physically present at the polls to cast their votes and can make things difficult for people who need to travel for election days. More importantly, there are no ways to check the poll results for the average citizen.

Blockchain development companies like Followmyvote offer solutions that seek to make online voting a reality. It will allow citizens to view accurate information about survey results and results, and various other statistics. This also leads to more secure voting for citizens of countries in internal or external conflict, and criminal activities of forcing citizens to vote for certain candidates can be avoided altogether.

Business Employment

Businesses of all sizes find it difficult to find the right staff. Through blockchain technology, it is possible for companies to verify the credentials of all applicants through a digital database. Blockchain technology can be applied to create a decentralized database of professionals with proven qualifications in a secure book that companies can refer to to recruit candidates. Learning Machine is a New York company that seeks to solve this problem, which focuses on capturing verifiable information about workers.

Employment taxes or scams account for 34% of all identity thefts from 2016, and the blockchain system makes the hiring process for any job much safer because the company would only have access to valid candidates, reducing the risk of hiring fraudulent employees. It also assists candidates by speeding up the hiring process and helping them find the job they are eligible for and have access to the application seamlessly.

The use of blockchain technologies helps individuals and businesses alike, and also protects personal information and makes important data publicly visible. Although blockchain is best used in cryptocurrency, its use can be extended to other sectors as well as to provide meaningful solutions to citizens around the world.

3D Blockchain Application Platforms

3D platforms for blockchain applications are now available. These are projects that are being developed using cryptocurrency. The program is regulated using different types of cryptocurrencies. When you have a small business, it is possible to make very interesting presentations to manage projects in a more impressive and efficient way just by using such programs. This means that you can be in a better position to run various business services or even trade.

Why use a 3D blockchain

The main reason why this kind of program is being created is to make it easier for people who do not have any computer science knowledge. This then allows them not to have to use compiling code which can be very arduous and difficult. When you have open secure 3D platform for blockchain application, you can achieve so much more even with minimal knowledge.

Most projects aim at community assistance. The projects are aimed at helping different people who do not have the right financial resources. These are companies that are struggling to compete with major players in the field. Big companies are ready to send as many as they can in things like advertisements and so on. This means they can reach a wider audience. For small businesses, they have limited resources and that means they are struggling to achieve whatever growth they want. Smaller business can sustain by maintaining the field. This is how 3D platforms are created.

How they work

3D blockchain applications allow users to interact. They can communicate directly. Users can share different ideas, make purchases, go out and play games without having to take off their virtual reality headsets. This is because all then applications and games within the 3D platform are compatible.

The platform offers a space where decentralized applications can be created. This is about managing stores and services and they are limitless. Every user has the freedom to choose the project that interests him. The 3D world allows them to communicate easily and directly, so they can share any ideas you have without any hassle. It is possible to buy, play games and send different orders.

Business benefits

The 3D blockchain helps business owners who are not smart and those who don't know too much about computer science or even information technology. Therefore, it is very effective to have a 3D platform that helps them reach a large population of their customers.

The main benefit to the business is that they do not have to spend too much time writing projects. There are very few steps that can be followed to select the right template for projects. You can publish and manage your business at any time.

These platforms have some advanced features including privacy, encrypted messenger, social networking blocks and transactions.

Santa Cruz Hotel

Santa Cruz, California is a sleepy beach town surrounded by beautiful mountains and equally beautiful coastline. With its quaint urban area and popular boardwalks, Santa Cruz offers rides and gaming facilities, and has always been a favorite resort for many people looking for a beach holiday, but there is no place for a tourist destination. .

When shopping in a hotel to spend a good time, many factors are worth asking, the three most important factors are: location, price and quality. Santa Cruz offers many hotels in all of these categories. For some people, prefer mountain resorts, just a few minutes drive from the beach and downtown. The Hilton Hotel in the Scottsdale Valley [the neighbouring town of Santa Cruz] offers classic Hilton elegance at a price. This hotel is a 10-minute drive from both the Boardwalk and downtown Pacific Avenue. On the other side of Santa Cruz is Chaminade, a luxury resort with uninterrupted mountain views, 15 minutes from the city centre and the beach. For those shopaholics, many hotels and hostels can be found in downtown Santa Cruz. The Comfort Inn and the University Inn and Conference Center are affordable and only a few blocks from downtown and the beach. For these hotels, cars are not required unless you plan to travel outside the city of Santa Cruz. If you want a sea view with a limited budget, then the best hotels and suites on the boardwalk and the best value hotel on the beach are your best choice. Both are located across the street from the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and its beaches, making it the perfect match for your wake up. If the pontoon's visitors don't like you, head to the Coastal Santa Cruz Hotel on the beach between the pontoon and the shoreline homes. From here, you can take a step to the city and the pontoon, take a walk on the beach, take a walk along the West Cliff Drive to admire the coastline, stroll along the beach and watch the surfers. This path is four miles from the ocean, the beach, the cliffs, and offers panoramic views of Monterey Bay.

These are not the only hotel options in Santa Cruz, and there are many motels, hotels, hotels and bed and breakfasts to choose from. Any choice is a good choice because it's very likely that you won't spend too much time in the room. Santa Cruz is small, but it can do a lot of things in an easy-to-navigate area and it's worth a look. If the city is not enough to wet your shopping desire, then take the Highway 1 for 10 minutes to reach the Capitola Shopping Centre. Just above Highway 17, is the Valley Fair, the largest shopping mall you'll encounter before you arrive in San Francisco.

The shores of Monterey Bay are famous for beach hotspots such as Carmel and Monterrey. The atmosphere of these towns is very different from the atmosphere of Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is primarily a transparent town with friendly residents and a relaxed atmosphere. No matter where you go, you won’t be disappointed.