Planning a wonderful Christmas holiday

It’s Christmas now, what's wrong, have you planned a Christmas holiday? If not, it is not too late to plan a wonderful Christmas holiday for it, and there are plenty of discounts on the market waiting for you. Yes, many discount hotels are waiting for you, and they have many amazing plans to celebrate your […]

Forex trading in the future

Forex earnings from currency futures trading are significant. The difference between the two instruments ranges from the reality of the search for truth, such as the history of each, their objective viewers and their importance in the modern Forex market, to more specific issues such as transaction fees, margin requirements, liquidity access, ease of use […]

How to make the gaps work for you

Have you considered trading differences in chart patterns and formations on a single day? If you have not done so, you are missing out on trading opportunities that, if properly implemented, can be extremely profitable. While there are several strategies for trading one-day patterns and chart formations, this article will focus on different types of […]

3 Principles of Forex Technical Analysis

Forex (also known as foreign exchange or foreign exchange) technical analysis, which is a very widely used methodology in currency trading around the world, is based on three basic principles. The first principle is that the stock market discounts everything. The actual market price reflects all that is known to the market that could have […]

How are currency values ​​determined?

And who determines the values ​​of currencies? The answer to the second part is simple. Currency value is determined by currency buyers. These are primarily travelers, governments and forex traders. FOREX stands for Foreign Exchange. Many factors that currency traders, governments and businesses consider when determining the fair market value of a currency. Fair market […]

What You Should Do When Doing Forex Analysis

In fundamental forex analysis, you basically value either for forex, business, stock market or country. If you think it's hard to appreciate a single company, try valuing the whole country. This can be difficult, however, there are indicators that can be studied to gain insight into how the country is doing. Some indicators that you […]