How to avoid ghosts in hotel rooms


The recommendations listed here are for people who travel frequently and live in hotels, motels, rental apartments and hotels.

Please be sure to call the hotel in advance to reserve a room. Avoid walk-in. Sometimes the hotel will be full, and you may urge them to find a room for you. Most hotels have an empty room dedicated to “special guests”, these rooms are ghosts or wanderers. At that time, the hotel may allow you to stay in this special room due to your urgent request. Please do not stay in this special room. Check into other hotels.

Before entering the room, be sure to knock on the door to respect the “special guest”, although it is understood that the room is empty. Sometimes “special guests” may be in empty rooms.

After entering the room, if you or/and any accompanying family members feel unusually cold or/and smell a rotten mouse-like smell; leave the room immediately. Don’t continue to find the problem. Please note that the central air conditioning thermostat or remote control has turned off the air conditioning system. If possible, please check out this hotel before moving on to another hotel or changing rooms.

Before checking in, be sure to ask about rooms close to the flow of people, such as the elevator lobby. Please do not check in at the room at the end of the corridor. This is because the occupancy rate of the last room is low and very “yin”.

After entering the room, turn on the lights and open the curtains to allow sunlight to enter. Sunlight is “yang” energy.

When going to bed, always turn on a light. You decide which light to turn on. For example: toilet lights, bedside lights or entrance lights. This is to provide “yang” energy to the room at night.

Before going to bed, always turn a shoe upside down (left or right). This is to form a “yin and yang”, that is, to maintain a balanced energy in the room so that you can fall asleep undisturbed.

If you stay alone in a room with two single beds, be sure to put things like luggage or clothes on the other bed before going to bed.

After entering the room, you will see an open Bible or Islamic book or other religious books on the writing desk. Please do not touch or close the Bible, please leave the room immediately. Request to change rooms or stay in other hotels. This is because there are ghosts or demons in the room that cause trouble for previous guests.

The last suggestion is to carry a Feng Shui compass with you. In addition to being used for Feng Shui audits, it also brings you some benefits. Hold the compass in your hand and enter the room. If the compass fluctuates violently as it moves through the room, it indicates that there is ghosting or lingering in the room. The room is very “yin” and there is no stable magnetic field strength. Do not disturb ghosts and leave the room immediately. You may also carry some amulets or religious items with you to protect yourself from harm.