The gold mine hotel in Nevada is said to be the gateway to the other side


After discovering a gold mine on the nearby Columbia Mountains in 1902, the town of Goldfield, Nevada was rated as one of the largest and brightest mining towns in the west. During the boom in 1906, the town’s mines produced $11 million in gold. One year later, in 1907, the mine’s daily income was close to US$10,000.00.

This earthquake-resistant four-story, 154-room Goldfield Hotel was built on top of an abandoned gold mine in 1908 at a price of $500,000.00. This is the best accommodation between Denver and San Francisco, known as the “jewel in the desert”.

When it opened in 1908, the hotel had an Otis elevator, considered the most modern elevator of its kind in western Mississippi. Goldfield Hotel’s crystal chandeliers, elegant lobby decorated with mahogany wood, black leather trim, gold leaf ceilings and gold-plated pillars are comparable to the best hotels in San Francisco.

In an era where few homes or businesses have phones or carpets, this luxury hotel has a sophisticated switchboard and telephone in every room. The meal is “delicate European cuisine” including oysters, quail and squid. Customers came to the dinner, dressed in formal attire-black tie, tail and ball gown

Once the largest city in Nevada, Goldfield is connected to the rest of the United States by five railroads, and Goldfield’s mines generate more than $10,000.00 in daily revenue during peak hours, and the town’s five banks flourish. Goldfield even has several mining stock exchanges and three newspapers. As the town prospered, its leaders were considering introducing a trolley through the city.

However, as the mine dried, the city lost its appeal, and the once-gold Goldfield Hotel ceased operations in the 1920s. During the Second World War, the military took over the project and made a number of improvements, including barbecue grills to accommodate the wife of the Army Air Force who was stationed by her husband and trained in a remote desert nearby.

At the end of the war, the Gold Mine Hotel was abandoned and boarded again. Then in the 1980s, a wealthy new owner began investing millions of dollars to modernize the hotel. His dream opened the previous “jewel in the desert”, but its dream was broken before it was completed. He lost his property mortgage tax. The vandals took away most of the newly installed bathrooms and lamps and eventually took away all but the bare walls.

Today, Goldfield has fewer than 300 residents, although it is still the seat of Esmeralda County, which is the most sparsely populated county in Nevada, with fewer than 1,000 residents. There are no gas stations, no banks, no grocery stores, not to mention newspapers, which is a far cry from the city called “Queen of Camps”, where there are more than 25,000 residents.

Lonely Elizabeth troubled

A glorious past, this fateful hotel is still the most significant sign of Goldfield’s former glory. However, the reason for its spooky atmosphere is that many original luxury wood products have been destroyed by vandals. Over the years, all old devices have been stripped and sold by modern gold prospectors.

Before buying a hotel privately by auction in August 2003 to make up for taxes, the Kingfield Historical Society opened the hotel several times a year for a special “ghost” tour. When an episode filmed by Fox Television Network for Halloween had the same name as aired in October 2001, it was hailed as one of the “most terrible places on earth”.

According to reports, during the shooting, the members of the crew saw a ghostly figure in the hall. Disturbed that a crew member left and refused to return inside. In the several photos taken (including my own photos), I saw the later sphere (foggy ghost-like object).

Since about 1910, Room 109 has been considered a haunted house. Legend has it that this room was plagued by a prostitute named Elizabeth, who was tied to the radiator of the room by George Winfield, the original hotel owner, when she was pregnant.

Winfield found Elizabeth pregnant and was very angry. He denied that she had the freedom to leave. After her child was born, she was torn from her arms and discarded. Was thrown into the lovely grounds of the abandoned gold mine where the hotel was built.

After disposing of Elizabeth’s child, Windsor let the young woman die. A few days later, she begged loudly for mercy. Rescue comes from the future, she finds herself alone and is abandoned. Worried about Winfield’s authority, the hotel’s employees were reluctant to accept Elizabeth’s assistance. Due to the room’s isolation and the thickness of the walls, hotel guests could not hear her voice.

A person who visited Room 109 said that Elizabeth either died there or was murdered shortly after. Her spirit was trapped in an unremarkable room where the brick wall of the hotel could be seen. In the dark lonely night, passing babies and nearby residents were crying.

On the second floor, George Winfield was felt by the hall stairs. The people who checked the hotel regularly discovered the smell of cigar smoke and ashes. Once, an electrician found fresh ashes in the fuse box, which had been opened for more than 50 years. The ghost hunter on the third floor also found a high spiritual energy.

Many people entering room 109 find it colder than other rooms and feel the presence in the room. The wall on which the radiator stands changes color with age and seems to have a human-shaped outline. It is known that the camera malfunctions in this room.

According to reports, other ghosts were also found in the lobby and lobby stairs. The door sometimes slammed with a mysterious smell. The same person who came to inspect the building said that the Gold Mine Hotel is one of several gateways or gateways to the extraordinary.

In the August 2003 annual Esmeralda County Land Auction, Goldfield Hotel was sold for $360,000. It is said that the new owner plans to renovate the bottom two floors of the four-story hotel and open it to the public. To date, the hotel is still empty and boarded.

Goldfield is located in the corridor between Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada on Route 95 in Las Vegas, USA.