Hotel booking-better online or by phone?

If you need to book a hotel room before arrival, there are many options, just because online shopping involves other options. Which online site do you like to use? Use “auction” website? Company or franchise website? Third-party “discount” websites? Another option is to call the hotel directly.

Direct call: There are many advantages. You can easily get the driving or shuttle route, instantly confirm the number, ask the front desk staff or reservation staff for detailed information about the property, etc. Different house prices can be discussed. If time is fiercely competitive (the area is summer, seasonal, and sold out), then there are fewer options for house prices. This is why you say good things to someone-you may find that the price after a week is 1/3 of the date you want. Always ask for the lowest best available price; whether it is Internet speed, online speed, triple A, etc. One disadvantage is the telephone bill-unless the hotel has an 800 number. My travel advice is the best option, especially if you have questions about the hotel or area.

Online booking: Advantages: Generally, this price will be the lowest price you can find anywhere (at least as far as corporate and franchise direct websites are concerned). Most bookings are completely secure, and credit card information is protected. No need to wait for a phone call to pick someone up. Disadvantages: Usually more expensive than just appearing in a hotel or motel. It may be necessary to pay the advance payment date in advance (not reasonable in the long run), and even after a few months, the reservation cannot be cancelled. There is no connection with the hotel, so you can’t ask where are the 24 nearest coffee shops. The phone number of the hotel cannot be found even on third-party sites. The confirmation number provided by the third-party site is different from the confirmation number used by the hotel, so confirmation at the time of booking will be more difficult. “Special requirements” are not always passed on.

There are good reasons to use all these strategies. A method that can meet most of your needs (time, money, or both), even if one method costs more than the other method, you can use it.