Avoid these common hotel personal injury accidents


For friends and family, vacation should be an interesting time. Before traveling, we all worry about the idea of ​​an accident or injury, so we have taken all necessary precautions to ensure that we stay safe while traveling. What we usually do not consider is our personal safety in hotels and resorts. Surprisingly, many holidaymakers were injured without even having the opportunity to leave their hotel. Hotel accidents are a common cause of personal injury during travel, but with proper knowledge, these accidents can be avoided. Read on to learn about the most common hotel accidents and what to do if you are seriously injured in a hotel or resort.

Slip accident

Slipping, tripping and falling accidents are one of the most common personal injury claims in the hotel industry. In fact, they are also one of the most common accidents at airports. There are many reasons for slipping and falling accidents in the hotel, including wet floors, uneven roads, defective stair railings, carpet peeling, floor warping, obstacles such as wires and cords, and lack of light. Injuries caused by such accidents usually include plastic surgery, muscle injuries and head injuries. It is the hotel’s responsibility to ensure the safety of its residence to guests and employees, including keeping the ground clean, maintained and safe.

Swimming pool accident

The swimming pool is the main responsibility of the hotel or resort, because many things involving guests can go wrong. The swimming pool is the main target of accidents, including head injuries, slips, falls, drowning, etc. It is important to supervise children at all times and be extra careful when sailing around the pool deck. The hotel is responsible for ensuring that its swimming pool is safe and in compliance with regulations. The swimming pool deck should be textured to prevent slipping, the swimming pool stairs should be properly illuminated and marked, the responsibilities and lifeguard signs should be clearly visible, the water should be properly treated in accordance with the routine, the filters should be replaced, and the lighting area should be good, etc.

Poor furniture

Although this is not obvious to ordinary people, poor furniture is a common problem in hotels. Usually, hotels will try to reduce costs by repairing damaged furniture by themselves, instead of replacing it with new furniture. Loose and inexperienced convenient work will make the furniture unstable and therefore unsafe. If guests use furniture such as chairs, and hotel staff do not repair or assemble them properly, they may break and cause injury. This is especially dangerous for young children, young children and the elderly.

Prerequisite liability

As mentioned earlier, the hotel is responsible for ensuring that its premises are safe for everyone. Failure to do so reasonably may result in prerequisite liability litigation. They are obliged to maintain a safe environment and prevent accidents in places where danger may occur. If any accident that is reasonably foreseeable and easy to prevent may result in serious personal injury, a personal injury lawsuit can be filed. Hotel property includes the interior and exterior of the hotel grounds, including parking lots, parking lots, shuttle buses, etc.

What to do after being injured in a hotel or resort

If you are injured in the hotel due to the hotel negligently maintaining a safe place, you need to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately. They can determine whether you have a valid case and discuss your right to compensation. You may be able to get compensation for medical expenses, hospital bills, lost wages, etc. Just make sure to contact a lawyer as soon as possible before your statute of limitations expires!