Convince guests to choose your hotel


Travelers have many choices when choosing a hotel. So why should guests stay in your hotel? Although this seems like a simple question, many hotel managers have failed to answer.

Typical general answer: “You should stay in our hotel because our staff is great and the room is very clean.”

Although this answer is inherently correct, it does not make your hotel stand out. All hotels claim to have excellent staff and clean rooms. Have you ever heard the hotel manager describe their staff as rude or the room dirty-probably not. Don’t give an impressive general answer, but figure out how your hotel is performing and what makes the hotel stand out.

Better answer: “Our hotel staff is great. We will ensure that all guests are well taken care of. If you have any needs, please let us know and we will serve them. There will always be a staff on duty to assist you at any time. In addition, Our room was very clean, we were right next to the highway and in a great location.”

The better answer has details, and the details will make a difference. The details will enable customers to choose your hotel rather than another. It is your job to let customers know the details and why they should stay with you. From now on, don’t give a general answer, but think deeply about the hotel’s advantages and provide detailed information.

Here are some questions that can make you think about how your hotel stands out:

-Is your property conveniently located near attractions or highways?

-Do you have a great pool area?

-Is your mattress new and comfortable?

-Do you offer a delicious or refined continental breakfast?

-Do you have great towels or sheets?

-Are the spa quality of your hotel soap and toiletries qualified?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above questions, please make sure to inform your guests. To potential guests detail This will enable them to choose your hotel. Include these details on your website and make sure that your employees will strengthen these details whenever they are asked about your property. I hope that after careful consideration and consideration, you can make your hotel stand out from the competition, and you can book more rooms-just by showing your hotel.