Bed bugs in your hotel are not your biggest problem


Over the past few years, the hotel industry has been heavily criticized. From 911 until the SARS and bird flu alerts, there have been bugs in the past 5 years. Without trying to defend the hotelier, they should be given a break. Most hotel/motel owners try to provide satisfactory services based on the prices they charge. You won’t find silk sheets and marble bathrooms for $75 a night, but you should expect a clean and comfortable room.
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To argue, let us admit that most hoteliers will check their rooms and treat any intrusion they find. So, how many complaints and lawsuits about these miniature vampires?

News reports about the bug attack never let the victim bite it once or twice, it was always bitten by many people. Many bites are caused by many bed bugs. Not only do many bugs magically appear in hotel rooms, but the infestation takes time to develop. They are hikers, they hide in luggage or belongings and travel from one place to another. Remember, we are not talking about one or two errors, but about tens or hundreds of errors. Therefore, if there are several errors in a hotel room, these errors may have been carried by the previous guest, and it is almost impossible to prevent it. However, if there are a lot of bugs in a hotel, then this is the fault of insufficient hotel inspection and treatment. The only explanation for the appearance of the room was that the hotel was careless in prevention and treatment.
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Now to the gist of the article.

If a hotel appears, it means:

-It is possible that the previous guests did not notice the bug or felt the bite, not everyone felt or reacted to the bite.

-The housekeeping staff did not check or found any signs of problems.

-The housekeeping supervisor should regularly check the work that his employees are doing, but no inspection or errors are found.

-No signs of laundry facilities, brown stains of dried blood, bugs.

-There is no pest control company on the payroll of this hotel, at least one is working normally.
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-This is the biggest problem. If the staff of this hotel did not find clothes, or did not wash the bed bugs when washing clothes, what would make you sick on the sheets or in the room?

At present, there is no evidence that Cimex lectularius can transmit any of the 28 disease pathogens found to be carried. I say this because bugs are a recent problem. Scientists are just beginning to understand their biology. Why can’t they spread disease, or why can they spread, but we have not found any evidence? However, in many studies, MSRA and E. Coli are both harmful and have been found in many hotel rooms. So far, viruses and bacteria are more harmful to your health than bed bugs, but these bed bugs have received extensive media attention. why? Because we can see bed bugs. If you have red spots on your body when you wake up and then find bed bugs, please close the case. However, if you have diarrhea or flu while traveling, how to trace it back to the bed linen, towels or TV remote control in the hotel room.

Bed bugs are not the only parasites on hotel beds. The mites are very small and cannot be seen without zooming in. Unlike bed bugs, if sores can cause them to become a major health problem.
Unfortunately, the entire bug epidemic has monopolized media reports and hotel budgets. Every time you read that some retail stores are flooded with bed bugs, this may not be the case. Found some errors and dealt with the place, it’s very simple. But bed bugs are a real problem in the hotel industry. The hotel has spent millions of dollars to control pests and diseases. This problem can be solved more effectively through education, strict inspection and centralized treatment. However, proper inspection means well-trained personnel, which means higher wages and lower bottom lines. It is cheaper to hire a company for painting and litigation.

This is another question to answer. What kind of pesticides will you come into contact with during or during your stay in a hotel undergoing parasite treatment? A few months ago, a New Jersey pest control company was fined for illegally using indoor poisonous pesticides that were not approved for indoor use. Does the hotel have a legal obligation to notify guests if pesticides are used in hotel premises or rooms? A front desk clerk told you that the room you are checking has been recently treated with pyrethroids, which is the insecticide of choice for most pests and diseases. When we asked, which bleaching and cleaning agents were used in bedding washing and which chemical cleaning agents were used in the rooms and bathrooms.

For the average traveler, exposure to any of the hundreds of chemical pesticides or detergents will be smooth, or cause snuff, a little rash, or itching. The traveler found nothing and embarked on the path of happiness without hesitation. Maybe it will affect their health in the future, it may be cumulative, or there will be no adverse effects at all. For people with chemical sensitivity, this is another story. I was wondering why I felt itchy after I stayed at the motel during my trip, or suddenly my nose was running.

Some people will say that you can hit the bus in front of your house, so why worry about things you can’t control. When I cross the road, I will look in both directions. When you tucked the children into the hotel bed, have you seen two ways. Blind trust or ignorance is not the way to go. I will never think of not traveling, but just like I buy travel insurance, I will also educate myself and take preventive measures to ensure a healthy and pleasant journey.

Don’t be shy to ask the front desk staff about bed bugs or room care. Check the room and mattress for signs of past or present infestation. Wipe the surface and things to be touched with antibacterial wipes. Just in case, please use or bring sleeping bags or travel sheets. You can access many articles to make yourself aware of how to check and protect against parasites, bacteria and viruses.