Draft beer-which type of bar offers draft beer?

Even in the era of review websites, finding a bar offering draught beer is still a challenge. With more than 400 bars in San Francisco alone, anyone looking for a specific beer on draft beer may be in trouble.

The key to finding a good bar with your favorite draft beer is to understand the differences in bar types. There are four main types of bars, each suitable for a specific type of drinker. Draft beer only tastes as good as your environment. Choose the bar wisely!

1] Lounge: The lounge can meet the needs of more casual social drinkers. Their beverage menus often have more options than typical bars or pubs. In San Francisco, lounges typically have 47 liquor licenses, allowing them to serve beer, wine, and spirits. The lounge is often known for its unique cocktails and atmosphere. If you want to relax while having a guava-infused mojito cocktail, this should be your first visit to the cocktail lounge. Most lounges have music blasts and sometimes live DJs. Some of the finest cocktail lounges can be found in hotels, airports and restaurants. Can provide draft beer and wine.

2] Bars: Bars basically originate from pubs in British England. The term pub is an abbreviation for public places and is often used to refer to sports bars or bars with a British theme. Most bars in San Francisco offer food like burgers and are usually themed. Some bars in San Francisco may often offer cocktails, but most customers go there for fresh draught beer and more bottled beers. The environment is definitely different from your regular cocktail lounge. The population may be different because it tends to have an older population of British descent. For those who want the best selection of draft and bottled beers, bars are the way to go.

3] Sports bar: Sports bars are usually bars that host sports watching games. You can usually watch sports such as baseball, basketball, football, boxing and MMA at the sports bar. Sometimes a surcharge is required. Like bars, the sports bar has a wide selection of draft and bottled beers, but the wine list is limited. Sports bars almost always provide food and are really busy during sports events. In most cases, they will announce on the website which day they are watching and when and how much they will be charged. If you are not a big fan of crowded bars, avoid sports bars during large sports events such as the Super Bowl, World Cup, etc.

4] Bars: There are only a few independent bars in San Francisco. Most wine drinkers usually enjoy a glass of wine in their favorite restaurant or home. Bars are probably the most limited in their choice of alcohol, as most of them are only used for wine. Those looking for a Guinness beer should probably not go to any bar. Bars are often more suitable for older people with a strong interest in wine.