Beijing buffet

The variety of foods you can enjoy in San Francisco: Italy, the Middle East, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. However, I cannot list them all. Even compared to New York City, the variety of foods in San Francisco does not lose its superior quality.

In addition, the cost of enjoying these delicious dishes is very reasonable. I think buffet restaurants are the most cost-effective. About two years ago, we found an excellent Asian food buffet restaurant near the San Francisco Airport, the Beijing buffet restaurant. Before writing this article, I mentioned multiple rating sites, and ratings vary from person to person. However, the overall evaluation is average. My experience in this restaurant is very good, and my wife and mother-in-law like it too. Because my wife is a Chinese American born in China, she feels trustworthy about the taste of authentic Chinese food.

My wife and I love this place because of the size of the buffet and the variety of food provided. There are five large buffet tables to keep food warm. On the right wall of the square restaurant is a counter for sushi, sashimi, shrimp, crab and fresh seafood. The other counter has both indifferent Asian and European deserts. At the end of the desert counter, there is an automatic ice cream dispenser that offers the following flavors: vanilla, chocolate or a mixture of both.

Each buffet table has its own food category:

1] Warm vegetables and cold salads,

2] fish and seafood,

3] Chinese and American poultry,

4] fried rice, noodles and rice soup, and

5] Steamed, fried or boiled pan paste and Chinese style Chinese head.

Some restaurants offer regular menus in addition to buffets. There is no regular menu for the Beijing buffet. However, the buffet service offered at this restaurant includes a barbecue counter. They serve buffets for lunch and dinner. My wife is not very excited about the barbecue, but I like it. It's like ordering an omelet during a hotel breakfast. The buffet includes beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, fish, vegetables, tomatoes, bean sprouts and more. Although some buffet restaurants do not have lobster or crab for lunch, this place offers a variety of food for lunch and dinner.

You can also ask the chef to make your dishes hotter, sweeter or saltier. Mr. Cui, who works in the barbecue area, became my friend because he thought I asked for more food than others. If you like grilled fish or prawns, ask for them to be skewered. Mr. Cui can bake for you if you want to eat Chinese sauerkraut. He only makes pao with pork, pork and vegetables, and only pao with vegetables or sweets.

Finally, you can order Chinese egg noodles grilled with meat, seafood, vegetables or a combination of these options. You can also choose coarse egg noodles, fine egg noodles or rice noodles.