Marina Bay Christmas

It is a holiday. Some things make people feel like holidays. Christmas decorations, people's greetings, Christmas cards, and family members' calls all live in distant cities. Music is the number one music in other music. In particular, music sang in the local life and gave him a melancholy mood.

It is worth noting that San Francisco has Christmas songs that involve the city. This is one of them. The name of the song is "Christmas in the Gulf."

The song begins with the first sentence; “The silver bell rings on every passing cable car. At the Buena Vista Bar, Irish coffee greets us.” This song is very localized from the opening, which is amazing. .

The first phrase continues; "On this cool December night, the Golden Gate is shining. The tallest tower of the city shines like a gift wrapped in light." Union Square is famous for its Christmas trees and decorations. The Embarcadero Mall Building and Hyatt Regency decorate the entire building. This view of the city is breathtaking when someone drives past the Bay Bridge.

The song continues; "With the beginning of the Yangko, the city is beginning to shine. It is Christmas by the bay. The candles are shining, our hearts are shining in the most familiar way." The city decoration and atmosphere of this season became strong. heart.

“The place where the store is decorated, the air is filled with chill. We will hold hands next to the tree in Union Square.” This is San Franciscan's favorite phrase. San Francisco offers a romantic environment for everyone. Whoever, visitor or resident. San Francisco is romantic for lovers because of this song, with family, children's visitors or lonely travelers.

"Oh, this is Christmas in the Gulf. When celebrating in San Francisco. This is Christmas in the Gulf. In my favorite vacation, I am with you as my favorite place." All San Franciscoers All agree that there is a "San Francisco Way" to celebrate the holidays. The decorations in Union Square, Embarcadero or Fisherman's Wharf are part of the San Francisco approach. The ending of this song is very happy, because the singer celebrates his holiday with him in his favorite place.

The rhythm and blues are as good as music. The rhythm and melody line is perfect for the excitement of the party after he and his partner return home. This song can be listened to with your partner or family during the late night of the holiday. This picturesque song gives you the feeling of a “slide show” that looks like a Christmas scene in San Francisco.

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